Coder Nights is a community study group focused on learning to write code which takes place at 96square. It is every third Tuesday each month at the same location so you can plan ahead and invite others to join you.

In The Media

Radio Milwaukee visits 96square during Coder Nights

Coder Nights creating community for the tech-savvy

Co-working space 96square aims to help Milwaukee start-ups collaborate

There have been many questions since the announcement. See the answers below.

Why Should I Attend?

I meet people all the time who are out at coffee shops learning on their own. That is what I have done for many years and still do. I also have gone to many meetups and watched presentations to keep up on the latest changes. What I really wanted to do was get together with other developers and write code. So much can be learned from simply sitting down with other developers and talking about what you are learning. And that is what Coder Nights is all about.

What If I Cannot Make It This Time?

Coder Nights will be scheduled every 3rd Tuesday each month from 6pm to 9pm so you can put it on your calendar with a reminder so you never miss it and can avoid any conflicts in the future. Please put it on your public calendars where you work or go to school as well so others who are interested can plan on attending with you.

Who Will Be There?

I’ve created a group on LinkedIn for Coder Nights. It is where everyone can connect online. You can meet people who come to Coder Nights and get to know them there. Attendance so far has been a great mix of complete beginners to others who have many years of experience with multiple technologies. If you have questions and would like some guidance you will find it at Coder Nights.

Feel free to also use the #CoderNights hashtag as well as join the greater #devmke community on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. You will find there are many developers who are working on a wide range of technologies in Milwaukee. You should be able to find others who share your interests.

Who Are You?

I’ve asked everyone to introduce themselves. It is a great way to see who will be attending and what they are looking to learn as well as what they know already. Please introduce yourself.

What Do I Need?

All you really need is a computer and some curiosity, though you do not even need a computer for some lessons. If you do not have a computer and you let us know in advance we can make arrangements to make one available for you at Coder Nights.

If you have not already started with any of the free resources available to learn to write code I suggest that you browse for ideas. There are great lessons for the beginner to more advanced students. There are also many other great online resources which are completely free.

To better learn together I’d like everyone to create free accounts on GitHub and Codio. If you are not familiar with either of them we can help you get started tonight. Both will help you share your code with others and collaborate on your work.

Where Do I Go?

Coder Nights is hosted at 96square by Startup Milwaukee. The invite on Eventbrite has the details with a map. If you have a smartphone you can log into the app to view your ticket and get directions. On the iPhone I suggest saving the Eventbrite ticket as a Passbook card to remind you about the date.

The map below will also help you find 96square at the red pin. If you are coming up Water Street from Downtown you will pass the Marcus Center on the left. Take a right on Highland and just behind Bar Louie you will see the Blatz Wash House on the left. 96square is on the 2nd floor and the entrance is on Market Street.

Note: Parking suggestions are below.


Where Can I Park?

Parking may be hard to come by on Highland and Market. What I like to do is go another block up between Juneau and Knapp. At 6pm there is usually plenty of parking and after 6 parking is normally free, but double check the signs to be sure. The spot marked in yellow below is the path you can walk to get to the Blatz Wash House entrance. Come up to the 2nd floor and follow the signs to 96square.


Could I Win A New Mac Pro?

No, but how cool would that be? Those things are amazing. I hope you still decide to join us.

See you there!